An object, be it a tool, a machine or a single nut acquires a story, a name, maybe a soul, over time...

In the society we live in, throwing objects became an habit. This object, if it is worn by his experience, will not be repaired, restored, but discarded and destroyed.

This is where I come in trying to give a second life to these pieces of rusted, twisted, crushed steel.

My work often begins at the junkyard but my surveys can also take me to a boat cemetery, a farm...

The metal material born from the hand of man, once historical landmark of human evolution, gives me ample opportunities with its properties (ductility, weldability, ...).

After recycling time comes assembly, fusion, hammering, grinding... and finally... creation time.

I can give to the other's sights, things that I can't nor know how to express otherwise.